Meet the Bowen's


Colossae Beaverton continues a larger story of the Church being who we are where we are. As we take root as a congregation, we come from the soil of multiplication; of churches planting churches to be expressions of God’s kingdom in areas of urban expansion.

Colossae Beaverton is lead by Matt Bowen, a PNW native, who is married to Lauren, a San Diego transplant. The Bowen’s spent over 13 years in ministry at Cedar Mill Bible Church in West Portland. Discerning a distinct call to begin a new work, Matt and Lauren joined Colossae Church in January of 2018. They have three kids, Penny, Milo and Elouise and have a deep desire to see people transformed by Jesus and join his mission of reconciling the world to Himself.

We are trusting God to write the story of our Beaverton community & are committed to participating in His work by living as a presence of faith, love and hope rooted in the Gospel. Join us in prayer and community as the story unfolds.