May Newsletter

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"On this rock I will build my church..."

When Peter perceived and confessed the reality of Jesus' identity (Matthew 16:18), that Jesus was God's chosen and anointed Servant-King-the Christ, Jesus said that confession was the rock on which He would build His church. Jesus builds the church upon the reality of His own identity and work. We confess; Jesus builds. 

As Colossae Beaverton moves closer to our fall launch, we will root ourselves over the summer in the reality of Jesus and His kingdom. We will confess His reality and live prayerfully in light of it, anticipating His work of building us into a fresh local expression of His mission and presence. 

Here's how we are living into that confession this summer:

Vision Nights: Join us for three Vision Nights, each third Thursday night of June, July, and August at 6pm in the Beaverton Library auditorium.  You won't want to miss these nights as we focus on Jesus' kingdom news, pray together and begin to form new relationships. 

Hang outs: The kingdom always advances relationally.  So, we will have a few opportunities to simply hang out together and get to know the people that are rallying to form a new kingdom community in Beaverton.  These will simply be fun times to enjoy each other's company and connect.  We'd love to hang out with you at the following:

  • June 24th @ the Beaverton Food Carts, 12:30pm
  • July 28th @ Evelyn M. Schiffler Memorial Park, 10am
  • August 17th @ a home for a BBQ & S'mores! (Details TBA)

Save the dates and come ready to make new friends and have fun together.  

Would you live expectantly with me as we look for Jesus to build His church this summer in significant ways through our confessing His reality together in prayer and fellowship? 

Can't wait to be with you!