August Newsletter

Exciting news for Colossae Beaverton...

As we wrap up the summer, there are some exciting things God is doing at Colossae Beaverton.  Check out what's up below:


New Staff for Beaverton

This last Sunday, we introduced our newest addition to the Colossae Beaverton staff team.  We have the privilege of bringing Dakota Bartlum on in a pastoral role to help our efforts at shepherding and multiplying communities as well as equipping teams.  We are excited to welcome Dakota, Melanie, and their four boys to our congregation! I would encourage you to get to know the Bartlum’s and connect with him, especially if you are interested starting a new community this fall!


Summer Bash at the Park

We are so excited for our End of Summer Neighborhood Party this Friday, August 9th. The event is from 5:30pm - 8:30pm at Evelyn Schiffler Park. As we've been gathering as a church in parks and for BBQs this Summer, we want to extend hospitality to those in the neighborhood that God has planted us. 

While there won't be a program, or message, we see this as as opportunity for relationship and to seek the kingdom.  We will all have the opportunity to be people, in a park, on mission. How can we embody Jesus this Friday? 

  • Be friendly. Say hello to someone you don't know or haven't seen before.

  • Lean into the awkwardness. Once you push past pleasantries and introductions, it won't be long until you find connection on common ground.

  • Be authentically interested instead of trying to be interesting.

  • Be bold and invite those you talk with to check out Colossae on a Sunday.

  • PRAY! Whether it be as you are talking with someone, or quietly as you sit and enjoy a snow cone, pray that God would work in and through us to change the City of Beaverton for His glory over time and through His people.

We look forward to seeing you there! Attached is an invitation if you would like to forward it to local friends or family.

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Final Sunday BBQ for the Summer

We know summer can be busy and difficult to stay connected.  Don't miss our final BBQ for the summer to stay, and connect with the church body over lunch.  If you already feel connected meaningfully, please seek out others, make space and be sure to include those you meet! Sign up on the App to bring a side.

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All Colossae Gathering | September 1st at 10:30am

All five Colossae congregations will gather at the Hillsboro stadium on September 1st at 10:30AM. Join us for a time of worship, led by Josh White, and  a picnic with activities for the whole family.  Bring a picnic lunch and some sunscreen.  We can't wait to connect as one church with multiple congregations!

I hope you continue to enjoy your summer, and I look forward to the fall as we relaunch communities and share more ways to engage in partnership with local schools and city.