February Newsletter

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"Have you entered the storehouses of the snow, or seen the storehouses of the hail?" - Job 38:22

For now the immediate answer is "nope, not yet!"  Perhaps a bit out of context, but the point is that we've still got no snow in Beaverton to speak of.  That said, we want to update you on the weekend.  The Beaverton School District has canceled all events at their facilities for the weekend of 2/9-2/10.  Therefore, our weekend gathering for Colossae Beaverton is CANCELED. 

We will post a podcast tomorrow as a way to continue our Acts series and hope you stay warm, safe and enjoy your time in whatever random weather we have this week on the westside!  Also, here are a couple things to have in mind for the weeks to come:

Future Inclement Weather:

In case of inclement weather we will notify you of any future closures for gatherings or events by way of Colossae App push notifications, website and Instagram feed. If you do not yet have the Colossae App, you can download it from your App Store or Google store and then select Beaverton as your congregation. 




Beginning later this month each of our communities will base our time together and discussions around the Alpha program.  Alpha is a series of guided conversations that center around Jesus and the essence of Christian faith.  We hope that the topics covered in our time together in community will deepen our experience of discipleship to Jesus and boldness in sharing faith as his witnesses in the world.  You can learn more about Alpha as well as see which community is closest to you. 

I will miss being with you all this weekend!  Praying for our deepening sense of community and accuracy in witness as we follow Jesus together.